Using Genomics to Find Answers for Healthier Pregnancies

The International Fetal Genomics Consortium (IFGC) is a group of academic and industry partners who believe that progress in genomics can advance care during and after pregnancy.

Finding Answers to Stillbirth

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Assist Discovery

Our programs include genome sequencing and deep phenotyping of fetal samples ranging from those harboring structural anomalies detected on ultrasound to fetal demise. Our collective goal is to sequence, analyze, and interpret genomic variation underlying fetal anomalies, and to aggregate all fetal genomics datasets under a cloud-based data resource with associated phenotype codes for the research and clinical communities.

Advance Technology

We evaluate and develop technologies that have the potential to transform prenatal diagnostics. This includes utilization of technologies such as short read genome sequencing and RNA sequencing in addition to emerging approaches such as long read sequencing and methylation profiling as well as methods for standardizing phenotyping. We are also developing non-invasive methods to comprehensively assess fetal coding variation from a maternal blood sample.

Build a Network

We are aiming to bring together experts in maternal-fetal medicine, genetics, computational genomics and imaging to improve the care of patients throughout pregnancy and postpartum. We have a strong community of partner, and we are open to new ideas for collaboration with organizations throughout the globe.

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